Roulette Verseur Simple, Practical, Elegant - Roulette Verseur


Roulette Verseur

Roulette Verseur is a large-format bottle pourer, allowing you to effortlessly pour the contents of bottles with a capacity of up to 18 litres. The bottle holder rotates 360 degrees. Pouring can be done without wasting product, thanks to the balanced tilting system of the support. In the bottle holder, a concave space can accommodate bagged chemical ice elements. In this way the bottle can remain refreshed during pouring. The product has an ergonomic design and is made of cast aluminium to improve manoeuvrability and stability during use, the material also ensures protection against deterioration.

Technical Features

Finishes Brown Oxide, Sideral Black, Chrome
Height (mm) 450
Diameter (mm) 420
Weight (kg) 6